The new version of TransferNow has arrived!

TransferNow presents to you its new version of your favorite file transfer service. Send and share small and large documents to your contacts and obtain easily shareable links for your files with just a few clicks.


Our new version is finally out! Easier to use than ever, it allow you to securely send and share your photos, videos, favorite music, and all your personal and professional documents.

Take your documents with you and share them easily with your friends, co-workers, and family so you can all have quick access to the same information.

TransferNow gets a makeover

With a more user-friendly and all new features, this new version is both simpler and more well-rounded than ever, to meet the broad panel of needs of our users around sharing and transfer of collaborative documents.

New features

Among the main new features of TransferNow’s improved file transfer tool, one can mention:

  • The option to directly select and add a file to your transfer (depending on your browser compatibility),
  • The option to pause the upload of files, and restart it where you left off at your convenience.

On the form to send files to one or more contacts:

  • You can now use an auto completion tool in the field “e-mails to your contacts” to make it easier to enter the addresses of your most used contacts,
  • The addition of the “address book” feature to make it easier to add your contacts to a transfer,
  • The addition of the “address book” feature to make it easier to add a group of contacts to a transfer,
  • The addition of a “subject” to allow your recipients to easily identify the contents of your transfer (the title will be in the subject and the content of the e-mail your contacts will receive as well as on the download page of your transfer),
  • The addition of the “password” feature for secure access to your file transfer (this feature was initially only included on the form to get a link).

On the form to get a shareable link:

  • The addition of the “transfer name” field to ensure your transfer is easily identifiable on the download page,
  • The addition of a “customize your link” field to make the content of your transfer more easily identifiable by viewing the link or to create the option of memorizing it.

Your recipients can now preview the files in your transfer and stream multimedia files before downloading them.

A new package

We now offer a new TransferNow Premium package for our users with the highest standards who wish to benefit from extended transfer limits and additional features.

Among these features:

  • The ability to send up to 20 GB of data per transfer,
  • The ability to add up to 50 recipients per transfer,
  • 30 day renewable availability,
  • A full dashboard to keep you up to date on a daily basis,
  • Transfer Manager (sent, received and expired),
  • An address book to backup your contacts,
  • A contacts lists manager,
  • Customization of the sender and recipient interfaces with your colors (possibility to create your subdomain “*.”, integrate your logo, wallpaper and customize the colors of your emails),
  • The possibility to receive files directly on your account with a simple customizable link,
  • Zero advertising on the interface.

A comparative chart is available on our homepage to let you see the different features and transfer limits included in the TransferNow Premium bundle.

A multilingual service

TransferNow is available in French, English, Italian, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and Turkish. New languages will be added soon.

Head over to TransferNow to discover our new version.

Feel free to contact us if you would like additional information, suggestions, or if you encounter issues while navigating our website.

The TransferNow team.

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